Pavan Duggal Quoted in Media

Pavan Duggal and his views/perspectives have been quoted in the media, national and international, on various occasions including the following:-

  1. The devils of social networking
  2. BlackBerry can no longer hold a secret
  3. Indian cyber law miles behind the realities of social media
  4. Have you forgotten your FB manners?
  6. 2344 websites hacked in first half of this year: CERT-In
  7. 3G tech vulnerable to cyber crime
  8. What Singhvi’s Video Means for Privacy
  9. Public Figure vs Public Interest vs Privacy
  10. West Bengal Mamata Benerjee cartoon arrest sparks worry
  11. Bengal professor’s ‘offending’ picture goes viral
  12. MakeMyTrip loses IndiGo, much of Jet biz
  13. Judgment day for tweeple
  14. Are online travel companies gouging customers?
  15. What Entrepreneurs Need to Know in the Digital Environment?.
  16. Battered prof fears for his life: Concerned university lecturer speaks out after he is beaten and jailed
  17. ‘We Are Stuck With A Nut’
  18. Cyberscamsters on prowl on Valentine’s Day
  19. Browsing child porn will land you in jail
  20. Getting HUGE phone bills? Your SIM may have been cloned!
  21. Real time info- Will it stop the Cyber Terror wave?
  22. Elaborating on the emerging significance of regulatory compliance
  23. Page not found: Who blocked my website
  24. pre-screening of non-commercial content
  25. Laws have teeth but govt does not bite
  26. Under Section 70 (B), service providers like ISPs and telecom companies have to report cybersecurity breaches
  27. Does the UID project infringe on privacy?
  28. In Focus: Speak Asia – the latest mega scam to hit India?
  29. Who gets your email account when you die?
  30. Indians are very slowly waking
  31. Hackers Gain Notoriety As Cyber Attacks Increase
  32. Typosquatters roam unchecked in India
  33. You cannot censor the Internet in India
  34. Career in Cyber Law
  35. Pavan Duggal’s expert opinion A case against censorship
  36. Beware lottery Scam on Prowl
  37. New online laws are a blogger’s nightmare
  38. Govt urged to back National Cyber Law varsity
  39. New law will let govt snoop on your PC
  40. Smut-tainted Karnataka ministers could be jailed under IT Act: cyber law expert
  41. Social networking sites duty-bound to obey law of the land
  42. Be careful while using IT
  43. Kerala become 1st Indian State to Set Guidelines for MLM Companies
  44. Do You Know Cyber Crime
  45. The sad case of our cyber security
  46. Blogging community in trouble
  47. Need to revisit Information Technology Act
  48. US piracy bill can hit Indian sites too
  49. Cybercrooks do not go on summer break: Experts
  50. A warning against the Internet’s dangers
  51. Law tweak must to track content
  52. Protected systems and networks
  53. Pornography Kill It Before It’s Porn
  54. Mobile phone tapping allegation disrupts Indian Parliament
  55. Bangalore also hit by FB attacks
  56. Cybercrime on the rise, but not all cases getting reported
  57. Experts Say India’s Cyber Law is Outdated
  58. New cyber laws not enough
  59. 3G tech vulnerable to cyber crime
  60. Need for national policy on cyber security
  61. Indian law may satisfy data protection concerns
  62. Trail of the Trolls
  63. Orkut bows to Mayawati, deletes fake profile
  64. Privacy, speech at stake in cyberspace by Leslie D’Monte
  65. Law in online business with special focus on India
  66. Working Group on Information Security, Electronic Banking, Technology Risk Management and Cyber Frauds
  67. Net Security
  68. Regulatory Compliance to Drive the Next Wave of It Investment in India
  69. War of words on the Internet
  70. Key people in Indian new media
  71. Indian Government to Monitor Facebook and Twitter
  72. Cyber laws must punish individuals not society: specialist
  73. Lawyers, activists seek ban on Japanese ‘rape game’
  74. Security system in BPO
  75. Pavan Duggal’s expert opinion on National panel needed to tackle cyber crime
  76. India may overstep its own laws in demanding content filtering
  77. Digital signatures not catching on
  78. Do you store critical financial information on your +emails? What if you die?
  79. Regulatory Dilemmas of Pornography
  80. Over to the digital signature regime
  81. Snooping around
  82. Phishing in people’s accounts
  83. Fake Police raids
  84. The Electronic Bilk
  85. India Proposes Tighter Laws for National ID Project
  86. Porn websites to face the heat now
  87. IT Act harsh on network service provider, says expert
  88. Happy days for network service providers
  89. Google gets court notice for hate group on friendship site
  90. Plastic money users beware, cloning on rise
  91. The IT Act assigns undue powers to the police
  92. Govt plays
  93. Your Privacy is Public Property
  94. Defends Right to Access Personal Data
  95. US shuts down popular file-sharing website
  96. Software crimes, easy getaways
  97. What is Electronic Evidence ? Sending Summons by E-Mail
  98. Cyber Evil Will Thrive Without Global Rules — Good Luck With That
  99. India Defends Right To Access Personal Data
  100. Impersonating on Twitter? It’s illegal!
  101. Govt proposal to muzzle bloggers sparks outcry.
  102. New media stresses new regulations in IT Act
  103. Govts bids to fix 2G Scam
  104. India Court Adds to Singh Flip-Flop as Telenor Sees Investment in Jeopardy
  105. Sign of the times.
  106. Cyber law and privacy in India
  107. India exempts IT outsourcers from new privacy rules.
  108. Pavan Duggal’s expert opinion on Govt to play catch up on encryption norms
  109. A general list of names of those who are active on the Internet. In alphabetical order of first names
  110. Hacker’s Hacking – The Game Of Intelligence
  111. Govt Bans Popular Toon Porn Site; Mounting Concern Over Censorship
  112. A new password every fortnight
  113. Courting Cyber Law, But Only Up To A Point
  114. India: Companies must comply with electronic legalities
  115. In India, we do not have a law of data permanence
  116. Cyber Crimes and the Laws in India.
  117. Indian Court Adds to Singh Flip-Flop, Telenor’s Insecurity
  118. Google, Facebook Seek Halt to Case as India Objects to Content
  119. Digitize documents and store online to ensure their safety
  120. Cyber crime needs global solution
  121. Right to Copy
  122. Bill To Protect Indian Musicians, Change Copyright Act Mooted
  123. Data theft is a global issue
  124. World wide web
  125. India Responds to Growing Concerns Over Data Security
  126. High alert, little alarm
  127. India Defends Right To Access Personal Data
  128. Opinion on against censorship
  129. Parents police social networking sites
  130. Hackers playing havoc with e-mail accounts
  131. Bid to block anti-India website affects users
  132. Web hosting cos are liable for any damage to your site
  133. Social media defamation rules: People have to be careful about what they post on social media websites
  134. The need for global cooperation on cyber security
  135. Sent a terror mail to Prez? Pay Rs 2,000 & get away
  136. India Plans to Use Facebook, Twitter to Counter Internet-Savvy Opponents
  137. Experts deny ban on video conferencing
  138. India Inc. Gets Dirty
  140. India at war with Internet porn
  141. Legal pill for cyber crime
  142. Hackers on the prowl; break into Congress’ 2 official Web sites
  143. Sharing passwords with spouse is risky
  145. Saving Private Indian
  146. Plan to hack a site? Think again dude
  147. Industrial espionage booming in corporate India
  148. When someone misuses official e-mail
  149. Indian super-cops now patrol the www highway
  150. Online armies
  151. New content control rules leave netizens sore
  152. Regulations being introduced in RFID
  153. Hotmail not bound by order: experts
  154. Outrage over India Yahoo ban
  155. Protected systems and networks
  156. Chinese cyber crawlers hack Indian Govt sites
  157. Government wants to read your Gmail
  158. Cell phone tracking-Security vs Privacy
  159. The perils of snooping on cell phones
  160. No, it violates fundamental rights
  161. When Net is gross
  162. National panel needed to tackle cyber crime
  163. Target archaic laws, not individuals, say IT companies
  164. India lags in Cybercrime insurance
  165. Freedom of social networking
  166. Delhiites reject full body scanners
  167. Indian Government to Clarify Data Privacy Rules Affecting Outsourcing
  168. BlackBerry security issue makes e-com insecure
  169. India Exempts Outsourcers From New Privacy Rules
  170. Tangled Web
  171. Internet insecurity grips India due to lax policing in cyber land
  172. White Collar Crimes – cyber crimes
  173. Courting Cyber Law, But Only Up To A Point
  174. Licence to shoot
  175. ITA-2000 not worthy of emulation
  176. Online woes: Inappropriate status messages may land you in jail!
  177. Police ignorance bliss for cyber criminals
  178. Offshore Outsourcing to India by U.S. and E.U. Companies Legal and Cross-Cultural Issues that Affect Data Privacy Regulation in Business Process Outsourcing.
  179. Spamming isn’t a legal offence in India
  180. Amendment to Indian IT Act :- Browsing child porn sites set to be a crime
  181. Phishing in people’s accounts
  182. India’s New IT Law Increases Surveillance Powers
  183. Desi hackers join Indian cyber army
  184. Rs 20,000 cr to be spent on fast-tracking courts
  185. IT Act languishes thanks to government negligence.
  186. Dark deeds remain in the dark.
  187. Technological beasts like Facebook, Orkut, YouTube & Pavan Duggal’s expert opinion on Google impossible to control
  188. Spy Game: India readies cyber army to hack into hostile nations’ computer systems
  189. IT draft law deletes ‘‘hacking’’ in India
  190. Snooping around
  192. New law will let govt snoop on your PC
  193. When those SMSes just don’t stop
  194. Corporate espionage on the rise; Companies spy on employees & themselves.
  195. IT Act makes life difficult for cyber-terrorists.
  196. Cyberlaw In India: The Information Technology Act 2000 – Some Perspectives
  197. India poised to tighten data protection law
  198. Social network giant Facebook hiring public policy experts in India
  199. Cyber cafes and security problems by Pavan
  200. The Indian Cyber Criminal is Amongst the Best Brains in the World
  201. India at war with Internet porn
  202. Extraterritorial Prosecution of Cybercrime
  203. Don’t hit delete! That Hotmail from the Prime Minister may be for real
  204. Only import of book prohibited, say legal experts
  205. Govt grants permission for prosecution of Web companies for online postings said to be offensive
  206. India Responds to Growing Concerns over Data Security 
  207. Cybercrime on the rise, but not all cases getting reported
  208. Write a will to ensure your legacy does not get mired in legal disputes
  209. Class action suits to be codified in company law
  210. India may breach own laws with web filtering plan
  211. India Exempts Outsourcers from New Privacy Rules
  212. THANKSGIVING: Pilgrims, Indians, and Outsourcing
  213. Websites not responsible for posted contents’
  214. Man files FIR against wife, lover for ‘obscene’ e-mails
  215. Tweets can be used as evidence in courts
  216. Indecent Proposals
  217. Spamming isn’t a legal offence in India
  218. India’s BPO hub turns into cyber crime capital
  219. Cyber-Conviction 
  220. IT IS A grave offence, says cyber law expert
  221. Can India churn out ethical hackers like it has produced coders & programmers?
  222. What action can be taken against Raju?
  223. Interview: Media and Cyberlaw in India
  224. BPOs may not be held liable for data theft
  225. Inappropriate messages on social sites could get you arrested, fired, or even divorced
  226. Online woes: Inappropriate status messages may land you in jail!
  227. You Tube and § 79 of the IT Act – A Second Look
  228. Privacy, speech at stake in cyberspace
  229. Industry seeks more progressive amendments in IT Act
  230. Dealing with your stock broker? Remember this!
  231. New Internet Protocol Laws in India Lead to Data Privacy Concerns for Companies
  232. Your Password Or Your Job?
  233. Relax, sharing personal information is safe now  
  234. THE LEGAL view on Data Centres
  235. Cyber hurdles galore as amendments elude IT Act
  236. Cyber crime comes of age as foreign plugs sell secrets
  237. BPOs will Soon have Some Privacy
  238. Security: New mantra for revised Act
  239. Caught in the web; draft rules stir a hornet’s nest
  240. The Day India Will Shut Down the Internet
  241. Sharing passwords with spouse is risky
  242. Is India turning into another China?
  243. Bill to Protect Indian Musicians, Change Copyright Act Mooted
  244. Our cyber cells are not equipped to deal with cyber crime’
  245. Why India wants to stop Blackberry services
  246. Cybercrimes and Due Diligence
  247. Google India Says It Is Not Responsible for Parent Company
  248. Indian government floats new rules for online censorship
  249. Your Privacy is Public Property
  250. Internet insecurity grips India due to lax policing in cyber land
  251. Twitter moves to regulate content, govt distances itself from policing social media
  252. Wanted: Wired cops to net e-conmen
  253. India Bans Posting Private Sex Tapes on Internet
  254. IT experts want to refresh current cyber laws
  255. Cybercrime: Crooks offer refund on online tax refund
  256. Hackers tunneling in broadband connection
  257. Inside the mind of a cyber stalker
  258. Trail of evidence
  259. Detectives now track ‘online infidelity
  260. How to make money online through social networking, blogging, e-tutoring, designing & video content development
  261. Gurgaon tops in cyber crime
  262. Schneier on Security
  263. India may overstep its own laws in demanding content filtering
  264. Profiles in Email Laws: India’s IT Act Amendment
  265. India passes its first cyber law with Draconian powers
  266. India’s new IT law increases surveillance powers
  267. Informational Self-Determination Databases in an Intercultural Perspective
  268. Cell phone tracking-Security vs Privacy
  269. Speak Asia
  270. Mumbai Attack: – New law will let govt snoop on your PC
  271. The IT Act assigns undue powers to the police
  272. IT Act harsh on network service provider, says expert
  273. Real world events set off cyber attacks
  274. Phishing and pharming dangers
  275. Why you need to write a will
  276. Indian pop stars attract cyber squatters too
  277. New UDRP provider headed by “ace cyber lawyer”
  278. Legal Push To Boost BPO
  279. Statute revamp planned to log out unwanted e-mails
  280. Foreign Betting sites under lens…
  281. A Web Full of WEAPONS
  282. Homeland Security & Safe City Smart City
  283. A case of mistaken identity
  284. Under Pressure, India Mulls Steps to Protect Privacy
  285. Fire in the belly
  286. You PAID for it, but can you use it FREELY?
  287. Cyber cafe rules too strict?
  288. You’re gone if you auction pirated software online
  289. ‘Handle Contracts, SLAs With Caution’
  290. What was the password
  291. IPad and Tablet
  292. Cyberscamsters on prowl on Valentine’s Day
  293. Watch out for FBI impersonators on the internet
  294. SMS fraud
  295. Rightfully questioning cyber jurisprudence
  296. Smartphone porn is latest buzz
  297. Have you forgotten your FB manners?
  298. Concern over impact of Internet control rules on free speech
  299. Government is not on sound legal ground’
  300. ‘Social networking sites duty-bound to obey law of the land’
  301. India’s first mobile law treatise: Everything you need to know
  302. Why VoIP is a threat to India
  303. Indian law caught in web
  304. Cell phone tracking-Security vs Privacy
  305. The perils of snooping on cell phones
  306. Mobile Phone Tapping Allegation Disrupts Indian Parliament
  307. Music to eavesdropper ears – How tappers work and get away with it
  308. Your telephone call is tapped and e-mail is being hacked
  309. Inappropriate Messages On Social Sites Could Get You Arrested, Fired, or
  310. Even DivorcedSoon, govt can tap your phone legally
  311. Indian govt second highest seeker of internet users’ private info, says Google
  312. Hiring: social media whiz-kids
  313. Cyberbullying: The dark side of the Internet
  314. Are passwords dying?
  315. Revenge porn makes private videos a public disgrace
  316. Why many states are using the 1923 Goondas Act to curb digital piracy
  317. Indians tape gang rapes to silence victims
  318. Video recordings of gang rapes on rise in India in effort to shame, silence the victim
  319. Welcome to anonymity 2.0
  320. Will ask social networking sites to have servers in India: Centre to SC
  321. Facebook, Google, Twitter and other social networks will have to host web servers in India: Centre to SC
  322. Maharashtra Police to book those who like derogatory content on Facebook
  323. Move over dotcom, get ready for new dot age
  324. America gave NSA permission to spy on BJP, claims whistleblower Snowden
  325. Delhi HC lifts curbs on 250 websites imposed after Sony Six complaint
  326. Know this law well: It can get you arrested for a Facebook post or text message!
  327. Who’s behind the future of money?
  328. Cashing in on the Bitcoin boom
  329. A nude awakening
  330. ‘Sensational Gayle’ can steal your data
  331. Will freedom of expression become a luxury in “Modified India”?
  332. Govt’s Twitter account needs better handling
  333. India needs better cyber police
  334. Planning your digital afterlife
  335. Forget typing, go live-stream
  336. Indian Domain Experts Gather at Second World Domain Day Conference
  337. Violation of privacy through CCTV cameras rampant, say experts
  338. Govt may favour net neutrality; final call to be taken in May 2nd week
  339. India to come out with its internet neutrality
  340. Net Neutrality: Internet Is A Global Heritage, Not Preserve Of Select Few
  341. Net Neutrality debate: Three opinions that provide an alternate view
  342. Facebook’s affected as India debates net neutrality
  343. 10 guiding principles on net neutrality in India
  344. Calm down! India shouldn’t jump the gun on net neutrality
  345. Column: Reboot the cyber-legal framework
  346. Legislative language must ensure balance between curbing rights and protecting them: Pavan Duggal
  347. Online medicine sale: FDA orders FIR against Snapdeal CEO Kunal Bahl
  348. India bans more than 800 sites seen as ‘immoral, indecent’
  349. Cyber cell’s first conviction: Man gets 3 years for sending obscene messages, stalking colleague
  350. Why online harassment goes unpunished in India
  351. Committee Constituted By Telecommunications Department Releases Report Favouring Net Neutrality
  352. Fake products bug online buyers
  353. Surfing the dark net for drugs
  354. Exciting career options: The web world is evolving and so is cyber law 
  355. Net neutrality in India: Here’s why India shouldn’t jump the gun on net neutrality
  356. India bans more than 800 sites seen as ‘immoral, indecent’
  357. ‘APJ Abdul Kalam’s officer on special duty not authorized to interact with the media’
  358. Fake products bug online buyers
  359. Culpable chatter
  360. Interview: ‘Ban on pornographic websites is not a reachable target’
  361. The Darknet: A secret world of snuff porn, drugs and guns
  362. Ban on pornography temporary, says government
  363. Government U-turns on bungled porn ban claiming it’s not ‘moral policing’
  364. Antrix website hack: Cyber security should become national priority, says Pawan Duggal
  365. Planning your digital legacy
  366. Building bridges over stormy borders
  367. Dedicated legislation for Cyber Security is needed: Pavan Duggal
  368. India debates pornography
  369. Adultery Site Case Ups Anxiety
  370. Uber Delhi rape victim withdraws lawsuit in US
  371. Lawsuit withdrawn by Uber Rape victim in US
  372. Privacy concerns multiply as govt cross-links massive databanks
  373. Evidence Act likely to be amended
  374. Encryption Policy: WhatsApp, web services out of draft encryption policy after outcry
  375. Encryption policy to ensure secure environment for govt, says Deity
  376. Nothing private? Govt wants to have a say in your online chats
  377. After public outcry, Govt exempts WhatsApp from draft encryption policy
  378. National Encryption Policy will expose Indians to shadow of criminality
  379. A Policy Of Control
  380. Expert voices apprehension over exemption of social media from National Encryption Policy’s purview
  381. National Encryption Policy draft withdrawn
  382. Govt withdraws draft encryption policy that raised overreach fears
  383. Draft Encryption Policy: Centre sees what’s what on WhatsApp
  384. National Encryption Policy draft withdrawn: 13 things to know
  385. Expert voices apprehension over exemption of social media from National Encryption Policy’s purview
  386. Draft Encryption Policy: Centre sees what’s what on WhatsApp
  387. Any encryption policy requires holistic, inter-connected approach: Cyber crime expert
  388. Will India Attain Internet Utopia?
  389. Group Content Is Your Headache, Says Law
  390. Sold a Lemon Online? For Fake iPhone Buyers, Law Comes to Rescue
  391. Digital India at the expense of Net neutrality?
  392. Who Decides The Basics Of ‘Free Basics’?
  393. Cybercrimes See Sharp Jump in One Year
  394. Government Makes Aadhar Card Mandatory For Registering Startups
  395. It’s time to get an Aadhaar card
  396. Govt makes Aadhaar mandatory to register new business
  397. Modi government makes Aadhaar number compulsory for budding entrepreneurs to register new business
  398. If all goes well, Indian IT Act may enter 21st century
  399. How online privacy is linked to your pocket
  400. India to issue advisory against child pornography
  401. Don’t let technology become your master: Justice Grover to students
  402. Cybercrimes rule high, but no chief at tribunal for 5 years
  403. Apple and Google to encrypt smartphones in India with Aadhaar
  404. Why virtual reality will redefine porn
  405. Next up for DigiLocker integration: PAN card and private service providers
  406. Eye on Mumbai
  407. Business rivals commit most cyber crimes
  408. Southern states most net-savvy but Maharashtra tops in online fraud
  409. IRCTC hacking: Railways claims no leakage of ‘sensitive’ data
  410. Why we need a digital heir after death (Tech Trend)
  411. Who leaked Udta Punjab online?
  412. PORN: Reliance Jio, Airtel, RCom, Vodafone, Telenor mull parental firewall for parents
  413. Trump Organization’s ‘problematic’ cybersecurity risks email hack — report
  414. Canada’s cybersecurity strategy is anemic: expert
  415. Chief Economic Advisor’s twitter account hacked
  416. New draft of cyber response plan nearly ready for release
  417. US and Russia headed for new cold war
  418. The Cyber-War on Wikileaks
  419. China’s Cyber And Trade War: Its Threat To National Security
  420. Cybercrime and Fraud Cost UK £10.9 Billion in a Year
  421. Cybercrime as a Service: Europol Hints at Militants Using Darknet
  422. Cyber crime in South Africa – top of the agenda for CFOs
  423. G7 Nations Plan To Team Up To Tackle Financial Cybercrime
  424. Cyber crime cell for ransomware cases soon
  425. European ATM cyber-attacks up 28%, those using dynamite up 30%
  426. Smart home devices used in cyberattack on tech writer’s site
  427. Teenager appears in court over TalkTalk cyber-attack
  428. German politicians faced cyberattack: report
  429. N-power plant disrupted by cyber attack, says IAEA
  430. UK finance groups face surge in cyber attacks
  431. Air Force general: F-16s may be vulnerable to cyber attack
  432. Two Teenagers Arrested for Massive Cyber Attack that Targeted Illinois Businesses
  433. Hackers Hijack ‘Smart Devices’ for Huge Cyberattack
  434. Hacked by your fridge: the Internet of Things could spark a new wave of cyber attacks
  435. BAE Systems: A cyber attack could cost your business £1 million
  436. Singapore sees spike in number of cyberattack-for-ransom cases
  437. German military carried out first foreign cyber-attack in Afghan hostage op – report
  438. The dark web marketplace where you can buy 200 million Yahoo accounts is under cyberattack
  439. Medical Devices Are Vulnerable to Cyberattack
  440. Energy sector sees increase in cyber-attacks
  441. Virtual Safety: Cyber security in AR/VR games
  442. FBI probes hacks targeting phones of Democratic Party officials: sources
  443. Australian Bureau of Meteorology hacked by foreign spies, cybersecurity report reveals
  444. India lacks laws to protect customers of digital transactions: Experts
  445. Security concerns on transactions increase as residents go cashless
  446. Jamia organises seminar on cyber crime
  447. ‘Go digital’ drive brought cyber security to the fore in India
  448. ‘Why were stricter laws not invoked against café owners?’
  449. Bringing cyber security to the fore
  450. No laws in India to protect customers if they lose money during digital transactions
  451. Indian Android smartphone are at data theft risk: Experts
  452. Dev 360: To go cashless, win people’s trust first
  453. Go Digital Drive Brought Cyber Security To The Fore In India
  454. Delhi cops to get ‘one touch’ internet monitoring system
  455. Indian Android smartphone users too at data theft risk: Experts
  456. Lurking danger
  457. Cyber security is a major concern in transactions
  458. Cyber Security: How Rahul, Congress Twitter accounts may have been hacked
  459. Delhi student suffers revenge porn nightmare after jilted lover posts pictures on porn site and Government department makes her wait 16 DAYS before taking them down
  460. Cyber crimes: Centre may soon come out with rules to validate electronic evidence
  461. Cybercrime-as-a-service a growing threat to India: Experts
  462. How safe are our CCTV cameras?
  463. India to finally get electronic evidence authenticators
  464. Data privacy back in spotlight
  465. Cops must widen probe to show zero tolerance to child porn: Legal eagles
  466. Ugly face of touch-up apps: Police warns the commonly used photo editing software could steal users’ identity and private information
  467. ‘Pentagon Was Hacked Too’: Piyush Goyal On Security For Digital Payments
  468. Digital safety fears as India eyes cashless future
  469. Question on cyber security: As India goes cashless, how safe digital payments are?
  470. As India plans on going cashless, security concerns on transaction increases
  471. Banks gear up to make plastic money more secure for customers
  472. Ministry’s move is the right step in the right direction
  473. ‘Go digital’ drive brought cyber security to the fore in India
  474. ‘Digital economy needs stricter cyber laws’
  475. No laws in India to protect customers if they lose money during digital transactions
  476. Amid growing digitisation, India must gear up for cyber threats: report
  477. Lack of strong laws makes ATMs vulnerable to cyber attacks